Green Harbor Dispensary

Head Extractor - Middleborough, MA

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Sep 08, 2020
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MA:Marijuana Establishment Agent
Company & Role Overview


The Head Extractor is accountable for all aspects of the laboratory operations and employee management. As such, the Head Extractor needs to have a broad knowledge of systems integration, workplace optimization, compliance disciplines, employee allocation, laboratory operations, and quality management systems.


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About Green Harbor Dispensary

Green Harbor Dispensary in Middleboro, MA is seeking Trimmers and Packagers to take work for a newly constructed cultivation/manufacturing facility designed and built by proven experts. The Green Harbor Dispensary envisions to become the premier brand in Massachusetts with goals to become a multi-state operator. The company’s values include creating an open minded, collaborative, and family environment.

Role Requirements


  • Ensures the safe, accurate, and timely production of products
  • Ensures consistency and efficiency of product through quality control testing and procedures
  • Preparation of equipment and plant materials for extraction
  • Execution of extraction and processing in accordance with state and local standards
  • Operation of sophisticated extraction equipment
  • Maintaining strict inventory records of all plant materials, chemicals, and equipment
  • Operating, maintaining, adjusting and repairs to extraction equipment
  • Storing supplies, equipment and disposal of waste according to guidelines
  • Complete the cleaning and sanitation of all production equipment, work surfaces, and tools
  • Maintaining material safety data sheets for all chemicals and products
  • Ensures cleanliness, safety and efficiency of the production area
  • Following all standard operating procedures (SOPs) regarding product creation and lab safety
  • Assist in packaging and labeling of finished products
  • Works with testing laboratory as defined by state guidelines
  • Provides frequent technical training and coaching for team members
  • Participate in developing and implementing rules, regulations, policies, and procedures to advance the company's mission, vision, goals, and objectives
  • Make recommendations regarding hiring, discipline, termination, or advancement of employees
  • Ensures compliance with state and local regulations and testing requirements; develops SOPs to ensure safety, quality, and consistent processes

Physical Requirements

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  • Minimum of 2 years expertise working with extraction equipment with the ability to consistently produce high quality concentrates using good manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • Familiarity with extraction methods, specifically ethanol and short path distillation, as well as the purification, separation and isolation of various compounds of cannabis


  • Bachelor's in chemistry or equivalent experience