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Sales person - San Francisco, CA

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May 28, 2021
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we are looking for a sales rep that has 3+ years of experience directly with cannabis.
Job Description for HGN Sales representative:

•Manage and grow accounts to increase company revenue •Post incoming orders in Work Order chat •Schedule all sales meetings on Google Calendar • Call CEO to discuss strategy for each dispensary prior to appointment and provide a recap after each meeting. •Establish consistent buying cycles to improve operational efficiency (and ultimately customer service) • Identify competition and potential opportunities and work proactively to grow and maintain shelf space • Understand organizational objectives and create/execute a sales strategy to achieve our weekly goals • Negotiate effectively to enable wins for both the organization and business partners • Understand business partner and customer demands and craft a sales and marketing strategy to cater to their specific needs


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Working Environment

we are a team-oriented company. we expect everyone to know what everyone else is doing. communication is key. our company culture is forward-thinking and strives to create fairness. transparency and equal opportunity are core to our business model. understanding cannabis culture is a prerequisite to working with us.

you will be driving 50% in stores doing research and or with buyers 25% with management at the warehouse strategizing and reviewing inventory 25%

About Humboldt Grower's Network

We are a Humboldt county-based family-owned and operated vertically integrated 3rd gen California cannabis company. we have been in business for 40 years. we have locations across the state. We would like to expand our companies knowledge with like-minded people.

Role Requirements


• Bring several ideas, solutions and options for consideration when addressing issues, problems, negotiation requests, etc. • Monitor product and industry trends, propose ideas and adjust processes accordingly • Complete administrative work timely • Spend the majority of time in the field to ensure sufficient personalized interactions to enhance business/customer relationships • Understand the target customer and educate buyers on how company products best serve that customer • Possess in depth knowledge of products, along with the ability to educate buyers, customers, business partners and direct reports on the nuances and specifics of offerings • Educate budtenders, buyers and customers on product offerings • Create and participate in demos and events to promote products • Proactively search for new contacts to establish relationships with other distributors to make bulk sales

Physical Requirements

this job requires minor lifting up to 50 lbs during deliveries.


3+ years with cannabis. we need you to be able to differentiate between cultivars by smell and look, in all states of the process. we need you to fully understand and be able to vocalize the effects of these products including the entourage effect.


college graduate preferred