Green Revolution

Administrative Logistics Lead - Poulsbo, WA

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May 22, 2020
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Company & Role Overview


We are looking for someone to build this department and evolve our excellent customer service into a leading distribution company. This role oversees day by day operations of the organization’s Fulfillment, Distribution, Client Customer Service, and Accounts Receivable departments. While assisting and working in conjunction with Production to achieve all operational goals. This role will be tasked with developing and growing a new department within the company as we begin to service the entire industry with transportation services. You will oversee the fulfillment leads, fulfillment staff and drivers to bring the department to the next level.


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Company BenefitsBenefits for this job may vary.

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Working Environment

Salary of $45,000 - $50,000 depending on experience

Flexible work hours may require early morning of later afternoon to release or receive drivers

About Green Revolution

Green Revolution is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium legal cannabis products. We pride ourself on consistency, quality and providing innovative products. Beverages, candies, gluten-free baked goods, cosmetic and skin care products, nutraceutical items such as tinctures and sublingual sprays, pure oil and flower products. Utilizing our proprietary "TLC"? "Terpene Love Cannabinoid standardization Protocol, we ensure uniform terpene and cannabinoid profile to ensure consistent and effective results.

Role Requirements


Invoice Dual Entry (QuickBooks)

Work side by side with Sales Managers to process Credits and Returns

Work with Sales Reps to arrange specific date / time of delivery

On-Call road assistance for our drivers

Lead a Team of up to 10 hourly employees

Efficiently develop driving routes based on continuously changing schedules (300-400+ orders every month)

Fast and Efficient Problem Solving

Run Monthly Reports (Aging Outstanding Payments and Sales By Rep Reports)

Manage facility team and set priorities for the day

Process and Deposit Delivery Payments

Receiving Payments (QuickBooks)

Provide On-Call support to all our clients

Provide Fulfillment support

Process Department Time Cards

Physical Requirements

No information provided.


Computer experience and software knowledge is key

Experience in Distribution, deliveries, dispatch type of systems is highly favorable

Ability to think fast under pressure to ensure optimal customer service


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