Gr33n Solutions / 11:11 Cannabis Company

Grower - Indoor Cannabis Cultivation - Long Beach, CA

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Dec 01, 2021
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CA:DCC License
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Gr33n Solutions (and 11:11 Cannabis company) is a legal micro business out of long beach California, we specialize in craft cannabis and produce top shelf brands for product lines all over California. We are extending an opportunity to become part of an exciting, new and fast pace industry in your area. We are looking for talented, educated, experienced team players to join our company and bring their talents to this amazing industry


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Paid Parental Leave, Pet-Friendly, Inclusive Environment


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About Gr33n Solutions / 11:11 Cannabis Company

11:11 Cannabis Company was founded by east coast transplants chasing their love of the plant, entering into the prop 215 market pioneering a successful delivery service based in Venice Beach, CA. Quickly expanding on motorcycles throughout the city of Los Angeles. Once the legal California market opened it’s doors, the group pivoted from delivery to a micro license structure with the plan to be single source and focus on solventless production and began pursuing the dream of a brand.

Incredibly underfunded and understaffed the entire facility was built and funded by the team which runs the daily operations, the team handled everything from the build, to licensing, to operations, the entire time witnessing 11:11 on the clock. This became a daily occurrence for the team and stuck as a constant motivation to keep fighting. Eventually securing licensing and beginning operations, when tasked with what to name the company, the group decided 11:11 would be the brand name.

Seeing 11:11 is a "meaningful coincidence" if it occurs with no causal relationship yet seems to be meaningful and relative.

Role Requirements


The upkeep, stocking, and fulfillment of growing medicinal cannabis, including, but not limited to; watering, feeding, flushing, pruning, washing, cloning, and transplanting and the manual labor that is associated with these activities Ensure that the quantity, mix, and yield of strains planted will meet patients’ and the overall patients’ market needs for medicine and treatment, meet the dispensaries’ demands for product, and meet Processing’s needs for the quantity, mix and yield of strains that will be used to produce the desired amount of each of the company’s product brands General duties around the grow as they relate to the upkeep of the grow. Knowledge of growing techniques, including; Germination, Cloning, and Transplantation. ability to identify Plant pests and other perils, with a keen eye for spotting issues before they become a problem.learn to harvest Following CVD protocols and following Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Manage marijuana plants, giving each individual plant the attention it needs The applicant must be the ability to lift up to 50 pounds and be able to maneuver between growing tables that are 24 inches apart carefully

Physical Requirements

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REQUIRED EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION AND SKILLS Experienced in Basic math skills. High school Diploma Bachelor’s Degree or horticultural preferred Technical Certification a plus Preferred Education and Experience in a Prior nursery, landscaping, and/or agricultural experience. ‪Experience in medical cannabis industry or other alternative healthcare organizations is highly desirable. Ability to work effectively and in a cohesive team atmosphere with all areas for company success Flexible, collaborative, team-oriented person with good communication skills. ‪Must be a dexterous, adaptable individual. Able to work efficiently and accurately. Time Management. Thoroughness. ‪Self-directed, organized, and detail-oriented with strong problem solving and decision-making skills. Experience in manual labor


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