HD Biotech

Garden Lead - Adelanto, CA

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Jan 08, 2021
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Lead Cultivator


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Role Requirements


– Daily room checks on assigned rooms

– Supports all group gardening activities

  • Weekly cleaning tasks

– Performs Integrated Pest Management program

– Records all data on room calendars or basecamp

– Has demonstrated ability to complete all cultivator (level 1) tasks

– works hand in hand with clone room

– organize all genetics

– Carries out cloning SOPs (burping and feeding clones)

– Can maintain genetic library on reserve

– Supports all group gardening activities

– Responsible for all equipment associated with vegetative and cloning process.

– Identifies any potential equipment and plant issues and reports them to the Garden manager

– Has demonstrated ability to complete all (level 2) cultivation tasks

– Other duties as assigned

Physical Requirements

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Job Requirements: Applicant Qualifications

How many years of Gardening experience do you have? Please list 2-3 dates and time ranges that you could do an interview. For this job, are you able to commute or relocate to Adelanto, CA 92301?

“HD Biotech prohibits all team members from entering, visiting, associating, or working in other cannabis facilities. This includes a prohibition on maintaining a personal or home grow. If a team member is discovered to have violated this policy, they will be terminated immediately. External Pest or Pathogens are a grave threat to the company and team members.”


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