Lost Brothers Cannabis

Full-Time Trimmer - Oklahoma City, OK

Job Posted
Jul 06, 2021
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Full-time trimming position with starting pay of $15-18/hr depending on experience with opportunities for extra income (i.e. making pre-rolls) before/after shift and on weekends.


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Working Environment

Lost Brothers promotes a fun, positive, productive, team-driven culture dedicated to putting it's people first. We will be a small, tight-knit, well-trained crew.

About Lost Brothers Cannabis

Cannabis cultivators striving to produce championship level flower through cutting-edge techniques, experience and top-level facilities.

Role Requirements


Responsibilities include producing 2-3lbs per day of trimmed product as well as always maintaining a clean, sterile work environment.

Physical Requirements

Job will require one to stay focused and on task in order to hit the 2-3lb/day mark.


Trimming experience preferred but not required. If applicant has past trimming experience, please include average production per day. Applicants with experience cutting hair will also be considered.


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