Campaign Manager - Brookline, MA

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May 07, 2021
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We are seeking an individual to join our team and contribute in a big way. As the Digital Campaign Manager, you will fill a key role in Gaia-Natural's success as a company reporting to the Director of Digital Marketing. You will be responsible for coordinating product and brand campaigns across digital channels and platforms.


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This position can be remote

About Gaia-Naturals

We live in a world that can be unsettling, divided, and unhealthy.

We also live in a world that can be supportive, united, and full of life. That’s the kind of world we are working towards. And that’s what we want to share with others.

At Gaia Naturals, our purpose is to promote holistic health and wellness through education, information, and real-life experiences.

We use fact-based resources and firsthand accounts to empower you to live a more healthy, mindful, and balanced life. In doing so, we aim to build a community that is supportive, collaborative, and sustainable.

Role Requirements


Understanding the customer, their experience, trends, and support them through marketing campaigns Pulling, analyzing and reporting campaign performance Building and managing a key marketing calendar focused on product, themes, and stories Working across departments to create and coordinate cohesive digital marketing strategies/campaigns Identifying areas for optimization in existing campaigns to guide future strategies Performing in-depth consumer behavior/trend/competitor analyses Assisting in managing brand cohesiveness across digital channels and platforms Reviewing and guiding creative and copy for quality and branding across digital channels Assisting in channel and site audits for areas of improvement regarding product and branding Reviewing product strategies in design, merchandising, inventory and creative to help coordinate marketing campaigns efforts

Physical Requirements

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High school diploma or higher