Laboratory Technician - San Diego, CA

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Job Posted
Mar 22, 2021
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Required Licenses
CA:DCC License
Company & Role Overview


Lab tech job description, A capable and qualified individual who is able to work on his/her own initiative as well as a group. Must be able to extract samples, in accordance to SOPs accurately and concisely. Perform tests on plant material, plant extracts, chemical compounds, or other fields of science. The individual is able to demonstrate some knowledge of various types of machinery, lab equipment such as GCMS, LCMS, ICPMS, qPCR and complex computer programs to perform their tests. The lab tech is responsible to record their data or findings in the LMS accurately after the analysis is completed by the analysts. Labs need to be clean and tidy in the analytical side and sterile in the biological side. Therefore, lab techs must maintain a clean and organized working environment.

Working Environment

friendly, progressive, very active

About Verity Analytics

Verity Analytics is a leading provider of analytical services for all cultivators, producers, manufacturers, and distributors of cannabis products in California. Verity was founded in 2018 with a mission to continually innovate and set higher standards for the cannabis testing industry. Our leadership team integrates industry best practices with the most cutting-edge methodologies to measure the safety and purity of all products containing active cannabinoids and terpenes.

We are excited to evolve with this industry and will continue to analyze and research cannabis to improve our understanding of this diverse and potent plant. There is so much pharmacology yet to be discovered and we aim to be a part of this revolutionary time in plant medicine.

We utilize the world's most advanced technology built by Thermo Fisher Scientific instruments. Verity Analytics approaches cannabis testing with extreme importance and takes the responsibility seriously. Our customers rest assured that they obtain the most accurate results obtained by a highly qualified team working in a sterile environment free from contaminants.

Role Requirements


● Extract and prep samples for analysis, in accordance to SOPs ● Perform quality control and quality assurance when necessary ● Assist with testing and calibrating lab equipment in preparation ● Perform quality control tests ● Prepare calibration standards accurately following SOPs precisely ● Input the required data in to LMS ● Analyze retrieved data and prepare reports for laboratory management ● Recognize and report any food safety issues. ● Preform and maintain daily, weekly and monthly logs according to policies and SOP ● Clean and maintain the laboratory environment, dishes, and vessels

Physical Requirements

21 years of age with no felony in their background


at least 1 year in an analytical labratory


● BS or BA in analytical chemistry or environmental science, Chemistry, or Science, biology with minimum of 1 year laboratory experience ● Salary compensation is negotiable based on the applicant's experience and education. ○ There are full time and part time positions available. ○ Excellent health/vision/dental benefit starts 90 days after the first day of work ○ Term life insurance equal to employees annual salary, & performance bonus