Rise Copacking

Trimmer - Oakland, CA

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Apr 20, 2021
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Looking for a Trimmer to assist in getting daily trimming & bucking operations


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Working Environment

Multi-tiered level--warehouse style facility, located in Oakland, CA with a fun and upbeat, yet professional vibe.

About Rise Copacking

We are a Modern Cannabis Co-Packing operation. We have combined an automated approach with a human touch. We tailor our operations to ensure the highest quality of processing with specialized trimming, pre-rolling, and packing.

Role Requirements


Weigh Cannabis, Trim, Buck, Comply with Bureau of Cannabis Control

Physical Requirements

• Stationary Position (6-8 hours) • Daily-Move, Traverse throughout facility including to second floor • Position self to perform tasks • Ascend/ Descend, • Move, Transport, Position, Put, Install, Remove up to 50lbs • Exposed, work around Cannabis Product


Experience working in cannabis is preferred but not required.


High School or GED