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Packaging Specialist - Detroit, MI

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Jun 16, 2022
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Packaging Specialist

Reports To The Packaging Specialist will report to the Laboratory Manager. Job Overview This position provides tasks necessary to the operation of Utopia Extracts. This is a part or full-time position that may include cleaning, preparing, packaging, labeling, inventory and compliance tasks.


$15.00 / hour / hour

Company BenefitsBenefits for this job may vary.

Career Training, Company Discounts, Dental, Medical, & Vision Benefits, Inclusive Environment, Paid Time Off, Relaxed / Casual Dress Code


No information available.

Working Environment

Indoor office setting in a well conditioned and ventilated very clean environment

About Utopia Extracts

Vertically integrated medical cannabis company with an emphasis on craft quality.

Role Requirements


Responsibilities and Duties

• Follow SOPs to ensure safe operation of facility. • Maintain compliance with MRA and GMP requirements. • Meet mostly short-term production goals. • Weigh finished product to within tolerance levels and place in containers. • Maintain a neat and orderly workstation. • Label products properly and neatly for a pleasing appearance. • Create case lots of product as required for transport. • Pull orders and prepare for transport as needed. • Receive and transmit orders delivered by secure transport. • Suggest and implement improvements to processes and procedures. • Perform other duties as required.

Physical Requirements

• Must be able to lift 40 pounds, sit or stand for a majority of the day.



• Prior experience working with cannabis a plus. • Knowledge of METRC a plus. • Punctuality, dependability, attention to detail, record keeping and cleanliness. • Ability to use an electronic scale in English and metric units of measure.


• High School diploma or equivalent. Please include a copy of your resume!