Coalition Fellows

California Cannabis Coalition • San Diego, CA

Posted Oct 21, 2020

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Coalition Fellows Fellows of the organization work directly under tutorship of liaisons and the Board in direct hands on work related to the Coalition’s work directing and creating impactful policy as it pertains to the interdependent interest of patients, legitimate users.

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Fellows will be continuously engaged in business, community organizing, skills pertaining to organizational and company management as well as knowledge of the operational applications of businesses within the sector as a whole.

This includes:

  • Research pertaining to Analysis & Reports,
  • Legislature and Public Policy,
  • Public Education & General Educational Programs,
  • Community Building & Direct Stakeholder Engagement,
  • Weekly Digest submitted to our team with bi weekly calls

Fellows will be eligible for:

  • Job Offerings & Placement with Members and Companies within our network to enter the job force fresh with experience from the ground level with more diverse experience outside of just the business management and administration levels.
  • Opportunities within other roles coinciding cannabis and other policy sectors.
  • Letters of Recommendation for roles within the private or public sector including federal, state and/or departments, offices for publicly elected officials or candidates for office, agencies, licensed companies and other companies in and out of the cannabis sector.

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