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Plant Health Manager - WATSONVILLE, CA

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Mar 02, 2021
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SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Manages plant health and pest pressure on crops. • IPM responsibilities include management of scouting, beneficial insect release, chemical and biological sprays. In additional environmental management through trapping, installation of beneficial border crops, and management of neighboring pest habitats. • Fertility responsibilities will include inventory management of dry and liquid fertilizer, supervision of implementation of dry soil amendments, soil and plant sap testing, implementation of changes as required by test results, and recording of fertilizer applications (foliar and drip application) • Communicating with director of cultivation to design and execute a fertility program that is cost effective, clean, sustainable, and maximized plant health as well as soil biology. • Communicating with contractors in support of tasks such as soil preparation and fertilizer application.


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Working Environment

WORKING CONDITIONS: • Work is performed inside a greenhouse facility exposed to temperatures ranging above a constant 75 F, in agricultural fields with temperatures reaching below 50 F, and above 90 F depending on time of day and season. • Work is subject to weather conditions, including rain and extreme hot or cold temperatures. • May require working rotating shifts with varied hours/day, including evenings, weekends, holidays, and special events. • Periodic travel may be required for training purposes or purchasing materials and equipment.

About Lifted Organics

Outdoor cultivator and manufacturing operation in Watsonville, CA. Operation approximately 18 acres of field production.

Role Requirements


SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Work with facilities managers, ranch supervisors and field workers to ensure that irrigation equipment is working properly and scheduled irrigation is executed. • Communicating with production managers to create a harvest schedule based on optimal harvest time for each varietal while minimizing loss due to disease or overripening. • Training and managing ranch supervisors and field workers on all tasks regarding plant health and cultivation. Including but not limited to planting (in collaboration with the production manager), pruning, beneficial insect release, irrigating, trellising, weeding, and harvesting. • Furthering education in plant physiology, soil biology, project management, and Spanish.

Physical Requirements

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS • Regularly required to perform carrying, grasping, lifting, walking, standing, climbing ladder, bending/crouching, stooping, stretching, talking, hearing, seeing and repetitive motions. • Must be able to stand for extended periods of time while maintaining focus. • Ability to walk on uneven terrain. • Must be able to lift, carry, push, pull and balance up to 50 lbs. (100 lbs. with assistance) and must be able to do so with extreme care and caution when working with plants and product. • Must not be allergic to or have a fear of insects. • Work is performed in a fast-paced large scale cannabis grow location. • Must be able to maintain focus sitting at a desk and behind a computer for long periods of time. • Must be able to complete tasks remotely when required.


• A minimum of 10 years of experience commercially cultivating cannabis or other botanicals required. • Experience with some form of medium equipment (e.g. chainsaws, weed whackers, spray equipment, pumps, etc.) • Experience with tractors and agricultural tractor implements. • Show skills and knowledge in plant physiology and biological plant processes. • Equivalent combinations of education and experience may be considered. • Previous agricultural experience a plus. • Must be 21 years old per state regulations and pass a criminal background check


• High school diploma, GED or equivalent; some college or college graduate highly preferred.