Cannabis Brand Sales Represntative - Long Beach, CA

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Jan 15, 2021
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Smashed is looking to hire a couple very motivated Sales Representatives to get our brands into more Cannabis Dispensaries throughout California. The idea candidate would be someone with at least 2 years of Cannabis Brand Sales experience, and has at least 20+ current relationships with buyers of dispensaries. The typical work day for our Sales Representatives is contacting their current dispensary buyers for the region we deliver to a couple days in advance, and then going into the field and visiting 7-15 new stores a day to show product samples to the buyers of each dispensary. What you can expect to get out of this job if you put in the effort and visit 7-15 new stores a day minimum 5 days a week is 5-15 new stores a week. We have over 400 different items on our catalog so getting larger orders is easy, and we carry just about every product that is in the cannabis industry so getting a sale is easy, just takes finding out what the dispensary doesn’t carry. A lot of times dispensaries don’t carry a particular product because they do not know a Distributor who carries that product.


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Working Environment

This position is mostly outside sales going from store to store and in office to do follow ups, get samples, for meetings, etc. This is a full time job that requires full time effort to do well.

About Smashed

Smashed has multiple brands under it: Smashed, Warriors, CBD4Life, & Mighty Munchies. Smashed strives to ensure all of its products are of the best quality and have the correct amount of THC, or CBD within them. Customer safety and satisfaction is very important to us so all source materials are tested and approved before being used to manufacture any products. During the manufacturing process we have several quality control procedures in place to ensure our customer gets a quality and accurate potency product.

Role Requirements


We offer a very generous commission split for compensation for this position. We offer 8-10% commission on every order one of your stores makes. So not only do you get commission on the first order you get from the dispensary, but every single order they ever make. To get 10% commissions you need to generate over $25,000 per pay period then its 10% of all your sales. We also offer a $50 bonus for every new store you bring in. The minimum you would make your first month would be $4,050 if none of the stores you got in the begging of the month re-ordered which is not typical. Then every week it will go up. After 1 year of working, you will be making over $24,000/month if you keeping working the same every week. See Table below.

 	Weekly Commission	

Week 1 $850.00 Week 2 $958.00 Week 3 $1,066.00 Week 4 $1,174.00 Week 5 $1,282.00 Week 6 $1,390.00 Week 7 $1,498.00 Week 8 $1,606.00 Week 9 $1,714.00 Week 10 $1,822.00 Week 11 $1,930.00 Week 12 $2,038.00 Week 13 $2,146.00 Week 14 $2,254.00 Week 15 $2,362.00 Week 16 $2,470.00 Total in 4 Months Avg/Month Total $26,560.00 $6,640.00

Physical Requirements

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Previous experience in Sales in the Cannabis industry selling products to dispensaries is requires, along with having relationships with several buyers of dispensaries. The ideal candidate is already actively selling another brand, flower, concentrates, etc to multiple dispensaries. With a brand like Smashed we have just about every product.


BA/BS Prefered