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Oct 20, 2020
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CannOut is looking for a Project Assistant to work alongside an American Business executive, to help him complete tangible projects that will have an impact on the bottom line. Here's What You Can Expect To Get: • Knowledge about Cannabis sector in the United States • Experience with sales • The chance to prospect and organize your own deals in the future after you have proven yourself


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Company BenefitsBenefits for this job may vary.

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Working Environment

Here is what you can expect from the interview process:

• Resume review

• Handwritten cover letter request

• Virtual interview

• Skills test

• Reference check

About CannOut

Work in cannabis from home.

• Development Program: We offer an in-house Employee Development Program which provides free classes in Marketing, Media Buying, Business Management, Data Analytics and more.

• 6 Month Reviews: We provide a six-month performance review to define your goals and career development opportunities.

• Choose Your Path: We give you the opportunity to work on career paths that interest you.

Role Requirements


  1. Taking meeting notes and keeping track of follow-ups

  2. Researching business trends across related business sectors

  3. Calendar management & setting meetings

  4. Reviewing contracts and maintaining an orderly system for filing

This job gives an overview of the entire business, of content, e-commerce, and events in the Cannabis space. It is an opportunity to find yourself while young, instead of wasting time on trying out different sectors which can last for years and lead to you being a poor candidate for any potential job because you ‘don’t know what they want’, this job offers a desired opportunity and necessary skill-set.

Physical Requirements

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