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Cannabis Dispensary Social Media Specialist (Los Angeles) - Los Angeles, CA

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Oct 24, 2022
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The Cannabis Dispensary Social Media Specialist role is a fast-paced, high-performance position responsible for developing and delivering high-quality online social media content, increasing both our audience engagement and our social following, addressing inquiries, and meeting campaign target objectives. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record across multiple channels and will be comfortable managing complex projects involving cross-functional stakeholders. Previous experience in Cannabis online marketing and creative promotional work, using both mainstream and Cannabis Industry online channels, is greatly preferred.


$16.04 / hour / hour

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About Space Flyt

Space Flyt is a fast-growing Cannabis Processing, Manufacturing and Distribution Company presently based in Los Angeles, California.

Role Requirements


  1. Work with the Dispensary Manager in creating top quality, high-impact, creative and unique audience-driven content and campaigns across multiple platforms, projects and online communities.
  2. Deliver results as per marketing objectives, such as reach, engagement and community growth, all within tight budgets in an entrepreneurial environment.
  3. Prepare and present monthly project and content schedule to Management.
  4. Maintain branding standards across product lines and verticals to ensure consistent messages.
  5. Ensure high quality and well-designed creatives and communication materials.
  6. Keep on top of industry trends and practices and monitor competitive activity.
  7. Adjust strategies and creatives to match audience feedback and industry developments.
  8. Attend to other related tasks, as required by Management.

Physical Requirements


  1. Must be age 21 or over - California residency with valid ID is required.
  2. Must be legally authorized to work in the United States for any employer
  3. At least one year of Cannabis experience, particularly in Cannabis Online Marketing and Promotions, and must be passionate about Cannabis as a whole.
  4. Strong working knowledge and understanding of Social Media Marketing and Engagement, with extensive experience in building and managing an online social following. Experience with SEOs and SEMs is a plus.
  5. Good general knowledge of use of medicinal marijuana and related products. Clear understanding of the Cannabis space and industry trends.
  6. Exceptional creative skills, particularly in Graphic Design. Must know how to effective use design and video editing software (i.e., Adobe Creative Suite, etc.). Proficient as well in Microsoft Suite.
  7. Excellent communication skills (written and verbal). Strong attention to detail.
  8. Good team player and interpersonal skills. Strong can do, entrepreneurial attitude


High School diploma or equivalent.