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Compliance officer - Baldwin Park, CA

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Feb 01, 2021
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K8 Pharma Group is seeking a compliance officer. The compliance officer would be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day intake of products through metric along with following all products through extraction, final form and to their final distro. You will be ensuring that K8 Pharma is meeting/ exceeding all regulatory measures. You will be the point of contact for the Department of Public Health along with other 3rd party agencies overseeing our compliance matters.


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About K8 Pharma Group

K8 Pharma is proud to announce the completion of its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility--one that will enable the company to become the nation's premier producer of THC products. Designed to meet and exceed cGMP standards, the facility boasts a number of sophisticated features including precision-made C1D1 extraction rooms for ultra-pure air filtration. Manufacturing focuses will include fresh frozen extraction, D9 water clear distillate, biomass remediation services and ice water extraction. In addition to the company's hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction services, K8 Pharma will be able to offer remediation services for materials that do not pass California’s state testing compliance standards. K8 Pharma would like to welcome you for a tour of the new facility and to introduce you to the team. We look forward to meeting and working together.

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Product intake, metric input, compliance oversight from biomass to final product.

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