Cultivation Manager - Detroit, MI

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Oct 21, 2020
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Company & Role Overview


You are the head grower for a 20,000 square foot indoor facility in Michigan. You are responsible for choosing the grow systems and equipment. You are someone who loves cultivation and knows how to work well with others. You will have a strong say in building out your team.


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Working Environment

This is a strongly positioned company that owns its own real estate. We are currently a small team as we look to get things off the ground.

About CannOut

Work in cannabis from home.

• Development Program: We offer an in-house Employee Development Program which provides free classes in Marketing, Media Buying, Business Management, Data Analytics and more.

• 6 Month Reviews: We provide a six-month performance review to define your goals and career development opportunities.

• Choose Your Path: We give you the opportunity to work on career paths that interest you.

Role Requirements


• Oversee, maintain, and care for cannabis crops at all stages as needed to ensure quality harvest.

• Supervise and manage flower lead growers for each zone.

• Supervise irrigation and fertilization of all flowering plants.

• Ensure proper function of all equipment, environmental controls, lights, irrigation etc.

• Oversee proper procedures for a sanitary, safe, and compliant environment.

• Ability to grow multiple strains of cannabis regardless of complexity

• Ensure necessary supplies equipment ordered and on site to ensure continual production.

• Maintaining the total count of all plants in the cultivation facility

• Maintain a clean, organized and professional work environment.

• Maintain compliance with DHSS for application of pesticides including obtaining an applicator license.

Physical Requirements

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  • Previous indoor grow experience required.


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