Sales Associate - Romulus, MI

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Feb 23, 2022
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We are looking for a dedicated and driven sales associate that feels comfortable working independently and in a team. Sales associate duties may include sales to retail customers, commercial facilities, or hydroponics stores. We are looking for someone willing to do what it takes to get the job done, and strives to follow up on leads through the web or social media.


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Company Discounts, Gender Neutral Facilities, Inclusive Environment, Paid Time Off, Pet-Friendly, Relaxed / Casual Dress Code


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Working Environment

Our office and warehouse are connected which allows us to quickly look at inventory and show people our products in person. We are hoping to get our showroom up and running soon to have walk-in customers check out our systems.


The Bucket Company started off as an idea and in a few short years has become a name known in the cannabis industry worldwide. We are the creators of the first ever Antimicrobial Bucket and our newest products the 15.5" and 22" Runoff Trays. We are looking to expand our team to increase sales and show the world how our products can make grower's lives easier and help them increase their yields.

Role Requirements


Responsibilities include:

Answering phone calls/ follow up phone calls with potential customers Invoicing Reaching out to potential customers (retail or wholesale) Keeping up to date on our product line/ what our products are used for Maintaining good relationships with our customers from purchase to installation and beyond Visiting hydroponic stores for events or setting up displays Helping walk in clients get their order placed and packaged

Physical Requirements

No information provided.


We prefer to hire someone with experience in the cannabis industry as far as growing, installing hydroponic equipment, and so forth. The sales associate we hire must be familiar with growing terminology, stages of the growing process, and how to combat problems with our equipment and their installation.


High School Degree or higher learning preferred.