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Ice Water Hash/ Packaging Technician - Santa Ana, CA

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Jun 06, 2022
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The Cannabis Hash Technician will be part of a team performing all Manufacturing extractions, post-processing activities, and manage the testing of formulated products. The Cannabis Hash Technician will maintain the safety of the organization and ensure the cleanliness and efficiency of production areas. The Cannabis Hash Technician instills quality control measures to produce high-quality products. The Cannabis Hash Technician must monitor and maintain the production facility in accordance with the standards set by our team. The hash technician is a hands on solvent less hash production role. This individual will work with a team and be involved in all aspects of production from washing ice water hash and pressing rosin to packaging and data entry. This individual will report to the shift supervisor.


$15.00 - $20.00 / hour

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Working Environment

You will be working on a team dedicated to high quality and efficiency we are a group of experienced cultivators, extractors, compliance officers, logistic managers and operators. You will be working in a fast paced environment with multiple daily and weekly production goals that will be monitored by fellow team members. Our company is rapidly expanding, providing successful probation period you will have several opportunities for growth within the company.

About Full Spectrum Biotech

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Role Requirements


-Washing fresh frozen cannabis -Pressing hash to Rosin -Packaging, Rosin, Hash, Vape, Flower, Gummy, Etc. -Maintaining clean work environment -Filling out daily production reports -Assisting in Quality Control -Showing up on time -Working complete shift

Physical Requirements

-Ability to work 8hours on feet -Capable of lifting 50lb buckets of ice -Strong upper body strength, must be able to operate "paddle" for 6 hours per shift -Ability to endure cold environments (work room is 50 degrees)


  • Previous experience in solventless extraction is plus but not mandatory
  • Knowledge of Cannabis terpenes is also a plus


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