Amaranth Farms

cultivator - Honeydew, CA

Job Posted
Apr 19, 2021
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Time Commitment
Required Licenses
CA:DCC License
Company & Role Overview


Cultivation of a 10,000 square foot light deprivation cannabis grow, on a California licensed cannabis farm.. Amaranth Farms is a legal business, and you must be able to be on Payroll, and receive a paycheck. February, 2022. We will be accepting applications for this growing season. We start in March, and work until harvest is complete, generally in October to November.


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Working Environment

This property is rural and remote. It is a beautiful setting, next to the King Range Conservation Area. There is a cabin for housing., with a refrigerator for food storage. Electricity is provided by a generator, water from natural springs. Access to the farm is by a dirt road, 1.5 miles long, and a working vehicle is essential, and a truck, especially 4 wheel drive, is preferable. There is cell phone service. There is another experienced worker at our adjacent farm., to help or advise, and we are always available by phone, and will come by for a visit.

Generally, you would need to be self-sufficient, and be able to provide your own food. There is a nearby really small town, Honeydew, and a larger town, Redway, about 20 miles away.

A partner and/or pet would be acceptable.,

About Amaranth Farms

Amaranth Farms operates three farms in Humboldt County. We have California State licenses to cultivate 63,560 sq ft. We are interested in producing the highest quality cannabis and continuing our genetic research and development. Our cannabis harvest is processed with a licensed facility, Today's Humboldt County, and we expect to have packaged product ready for sales shortly. Thank you for your interest in our farms and business. We will contact you if any job becomes available that matches your skills and preferences.

Role Requirements


Cultivation and management of cannabis crop, using only organic methods.

This will include site management, planting and transplanting seedlings, watering, fertilization, implementing approved integrated pesticide management program, pulling tarps to provide light deprivation.

In addition, careful attention to the water use, and accurate monitoring and reporting is required..

If you have computer skills, you may help with METRC reporting.

Physical Requirements

Parts of this job are relatively easy, but some activities are physically demanding, and require someone who is healthy and in good physical shape. You must be able to lift 40 pounds, and work a full 8 hour work day, (which would have a 1 hour lunch time, and 2 20 minute breaks,; one in the morning and one in the afternoon, according to OSHA guidelines


Experience with growing cannabis is preferred, but growing knowledge in general would be helpful.

Other skills, like mechanical repairs, computer competence, construction would be appreciated..

Being comfortable with rural, remote living situations, and appreciation of nature, would make this job more enjoyable.


There are no exact educational requirements, however, knowledge of some of the other aspects of managing a farm operation would make your job easier: :soil science, botany, biology, agricultural production, environmental management, water conservation, erosion control, road maintenance, general construction, chain saw work, brushing, plumbing, or electricity.

An enthusiastic attitude, willingness to learn and ability to follow instructions are the most important assets.