VP of Compliance for Cannabis Edibles Manufacturer

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Posted Oct 13, 2020

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CA:DCC License


The VP of Compliance will oversee and execute the Company’s compliance program, planning and carrying out all activities required to maintain regulatory compliance in all of the Company's departments. The position will be responsible for directing the development of the Company’s Standard Operating Procedures and facility-related policies, maintaining internal systems that guide all facilities to achieve the highest level of compliance. The position will also lead necessary training at Company facilities. The CCO will also ensure all HAACP plans and other regulatory mandates are complied with and will report to management any issues and recommendations for their correction.

Company BenefitsBenefits for this job may vary

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  • Coordinates with the Director of Plant Operations and Edibles Manager to implement all standard operating procedures (SOPs) in relation to state regulations for the production facilities.
  • Remains abreast of relevant industry-related and state-mandated laws and regulations, analyze their impact and make recommendations to operations and management.
  • Develops collaborative relationships state regulator.
  • Identifies potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk; develops/implements corrective action plans for resolution of problematic issues and provides general guidance on how to avoid or deal with similar situations in the future.
  • This includes providing guidance to management on implementing policy and/or process changes to comply with new and/or changes to regulations.
  • Collaborates with others in operations to develop policies, procedures and communications encouraging employees to report violation of company policies and/or government regulations such as, potential selection of third-party vendor(s).
  • Leads internal audits to ensure compliance and minimize risks.
  • Collaborates with Security Manager, Edibles Manager, and Director of Plant Operations to identify risks, ensure compliance to OSHA regulations and ensure loss prevention methods comply with privacy and other applicable laws.
  • Oversees any recall and/or health/public safety issues. This includes reporting to government agencies, developing communication to dispensaries and/or consumers, working with the management team to develop a corrective plan.
  • Respond to management inquires and requests and resolve issues in a timely, friendly and efficient manner.
  • Assist in developing food safety plans.
  • Help build relationships with community partners, government organizations, and third-party auditing firms.
  • Work with engineering team to implement new features.

Physical Requirements

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Working Environment

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  • Metrc, cannabis compliance knowledge required
  • Government experience desired
  • Motivated self-driven person who excels in a fast, highly-demanding, changing environment


BS in government, accounting or public health preferred


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