Specialty Tokes

Cultivator - Lower Lake, CA

Job Posted
Apr 13, 2021
Employment Type
Time Commitment
Required Licenses
CA:DCC License
Company & Role Overview


Looking for a cultivator that starts with amending soil, planting, and harvesting flower from start to finish. We desire an individual with a passion for the plant who will give his/her best efforts each and every day


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Working Environment

We are an outdoor garden must be able to work in the sun.

About Specialty Tokes

We are a five year old business in Lower Lake, CA and we grow triple A grade flower in an organic way using beneficial insects and beneficial flower. We don't believe in spraying our plants as we believe in the organic growth of our flower. We have a half acre farm and also manage another four acres throughout the county. We are a team that believes in family values and a friendly, supportive working environment. We desire talent that will come to work with a good attitude and that they have a passion for the plant.

Role Requirements


Dress appropriately for the weather -Be on time everyday -Have a good attitude -Need to be able to amend soil, plant, and harvest regularly -Need to be a hard worker and have a passion for working with cannabis outdoors

Physical Requirements

Must be able to work on your feet. Lift 50 lbs. clime 10 ft. Ladder.


Any field work as well as construction experience


High school graduate, or trade school