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Sales & Operations Analyst - Los Angeles, CA

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Jul 16, 2020
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The principle role of the CPG, Customer Inventory Analyst is to ensure on-shelf in-stock excellence of products (through Collaboration, Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment - CPFR), so that the retail sales team has sufficient inventory for sale. Conduct analysis, forecasting, and replenishment of all key accounts. Responsible for ensuring the forecasting plan is accurate, and all service level measures, such as in-stocks and OTIF (on time and in full) objectives are met or exceeded. Responsible for supporting the CPG group, working collaboratively with the sales team, distribution network, and our internal manufacturing operations and demand planning teams. The Customer Logistics Analyst is responsible for supporting critical decisions and providing recommendations impacting both the customer(s) and our finished goods inventory. Influencing the customer, our sales team(s), and our internal supply team is critical to the effectiveness of this role. Customer Logistics Analyst will be required to assess proposed promotional and launch activities from the account teams and build a case for product flow recommendations. Your strong analytical skills coupled with the ability to provide an influential business case will be essential for you to successfully gain support externally and internally. The success of the Customer Logistics Analyst is measured by exceeding 98.5% on both in-stock and product fill rate goals, while also balancing inventory investment, supporting sales growth, accurately predicting future demand forecasts, and effectively identifying and resolving any supply chain disconnects between our internal planning process and our customer’s inventory requirements. Achieving these goals will deliver customer satisfaction and maximize sales for both our company and our customers.


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Role Requirements


Principal Accountabilities

  • Building and maintaining a collaborative relationship with the account team/leadership. You should be effective in influencing the team as necessary, gaining support for replenishment policies that maximize product availability at the store level, all the while minimizing inventory in the customer’s supply chain network.
  • Responsible for meeting customer in-stock target (98.5%) at store level with no out-of-stocks at the distribution centers or the 3rd party warehouses by proactively analyzing inventory levels using proprietary retailer data and identification of any forecast behaviors or in-stock issues, followed by implementation of action steps to resolve them.

Forecasting Your role in supporting the internal forecast will involve the following:

  • Use judgment to balance the risk of “under forecasting” and missing out on potential sales opportunities and new business vs “over forecasting”, the impact inventory levels will have on our business cash. Create and be accountable for all forecasting inputs to the supply team including:
  • Item Level Forecasting Template – “bottom’s up” development with our account team’s annual operating plan.
  • Provide input to Demand Planning - detailed communication to Demand Planning of all promotional and new item activity plans.
  • Period forecast revisions and review of 30/60/90 day forecast projections.
  • Item-level deployment requirements for all promotions and new item introductions.
  • Research and resolution to all questions from the management & supply team.

Role Expectations

  • Be the point-person for the operational execution of all modular changes (new item introductions), working jointly with the account team, sales, and our distribution network (Nabis).
  • Create execution plans and coordinate internally with account teams, demand planning, operations, and leadership to ensure a seamless transition on new products and modular (Plan-O-Gram) updates, including expanded stores.
  • Communicate progress on key customer scorecard measures to all internal and customer stakeholders. Accountable for recommendations and action plans for improvement.
  • Collaborative Planning process – Provide input and recommendations for the planning process integrating customer-specific data for sales trends, new items, modular changes, and promotion performance trends.
  • Manage the supply chain interdependencies between Sales, Demand Planning, Customer Service, Inventory Management, Operations Planning, and the Customer.

Responsible for all customer data usage and expertise in support of replenishment activities including: -CPFR events to support promotional and seasonal activity. -Recommend CPFR policies to the customer team. -Utilize account data to provide analytical support to Account Managers and Retail Buyers and Replenishment Managers. -Effectively leverage account system data reporting capabilities -Account Data - Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the account team, providing analytical support. -Develop and implement on-going improvements for collaborative planning, forecast and replenishment process. -Working knowledge of pipeline systems and procedures with an emphasis on physical distribution and logistics.

Physical Requirements

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  • 1-2 years of experience in Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment Analysis
  • Must possess a clear understanding of inventory management and predictive analysis
  • CPG Industry Experience is preferred
  • 2-4 years of experience in sales analytical support would be helpful, possessing a clear understanding of inventory management and predictive analysis.
  • Experience in an analytical or customer-facing role where inventory management, in stocks and planning was critical to the success of the account.
  • Valuable to have experience with at least one-key customers where high performance is a must.
  • Microsoft 365 NAV experience is a major plus
  • Expertise and knowledge in Microsoft Excel
  • Analytical experience and a mathematical mindset that can identify patterns, problem solve and make recommendations supported by data.
  • Strong planning, project management skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams
  • Internal/external customer-centric focus with a positive – problem-solving nature
  • Expertise in analysis with an ability to build models and utilize analytical tools to help data be better utilized and leveraged to improve the company’s performance
  • Good communication skills, written/oral
  • If not already skilled in Retail Link and other account-specific systems, have an ability to quickly understand and master account inventory management tools.

Functional Competencies

  • Demand Planning
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Internal & External Data / Reporting Systems
  • Project Management
  • Inventory Pipeline Analysis / Replenishment principles
  • Ability to work directly with the customers


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Mathematics or Engineering
  • Focus on Supply Chain Operations is a plus