Happy Bud Brand

Sales Rep - Oklahoma City, OK

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Mar 16, 2021
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Sales. We are accepting reps for our brand. What are your experiences that would lend to this job? We will ask you to do your research. Product, price, portion, potency at what volumes? Market penetration %? We know our market & you should to. We are Houston to Toledo & Oklahoma to Tennessee. What do you know about Cbd, Cbg, Delta-8 & Thc?


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About Happy Bud Brand

Seed through retail sale. Our products include tinctures, topicals, tablets, flower, preroll & concentrates. Thc, Cbd, Cbg & Delta 8.

Role Requirements


Contacting potential customers. This includes but not limited to phone, fax, email, walk-in, mail, linked in, social media.

Facilitate orders through delivery.

Physical Requirements

Must be able to lift 50 lbs to deliver in person. However all are welcome to apply. We are not restricted to conventional wisdom. Who are you & what can you do? We have satellite work available.


None required


All are welcome to apply