A Better Solution Unlimited

Brand Ambassadors - OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

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May 26, 2021
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A Better Solution Unlimited is looking for qualified and experienced Brand Ambassadors to help support weekend cannabis events/shows throughout the state of Oklahoma. Ambassadors should be highly motivated, outgoing, friendly, and have an interest in the cannabis industry. The shows will be held throughout Oklahoma, so outgoing personalities and those who can comfortably talk to others are strongly encouraged to apply! We want patients to feel comfortable talking to our Brand Ambassadors about these products and their benefits.


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Working Environment

Indoors and Outdoors

About A Better Solution Unlimited

Our goal is to spread knowledge, compassion, and cannabis to Oklahoma patients. Female-owned and Veteran-owned family-run team. We also own and operate BS Unlimited since 1991.

Role Requirements


-Be the face of our dispensary at events, exuding confidence, personality, and friendliness towards patients.

-Become an expert on the brands and products we carry in our dispensary, be able to answer many different questions patients may have.

-Represent the brand in a professional manner at all times, adhere to uniform guidelines, and refrain from cell phone usage during activations.

-Work with the program manager and other team members in a respectful manner, contributing to the overall success of the team and program.

-Willing and able to transport themselves to/from locations, transport, and set up/tear-down a booth.

-Attend brand training to learn about brand and product, stay up to date on product and industry trends/news.

Physical Requirements

Must be able to be maneuver around to help with patients.

Must be able to lift up to 25 lbs.


-At least (1) years work experience in a similar Brand Ambassador role, sales role, or similar position.

-Current driver’s license.

-Must be 18+

-Pass a background check including no prior history of felony convictions.

-Excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Familiarity with OKC and surrounding cities.

-Flexibility to work weekends, and shifts that vary from morning to night. Interest in marketing, advertising, culture, or product influencing.

-Ability to quickly learn product details and translate them into a conversation.


high school diploma or equivalent