Customer Success Manager - Remote

Sweed POS
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Oct 12, 2022
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Company & Role Overview


As a Customer Success Manager you’ll spend most of your time interacting directly with our users and ensuring that they have a stellar Sweed experience. While the primary goal is to make customers feel comfortable and provide them with outstanding support, CSM is the eyes & ears of the company. You will help guide customers starting with the first time they interact with the Sweed platform and become an expert in every Sweed product. We will rely on you to provide actionable feedback from customers, and shape products into tools people love to use. Our team is fully remote, but we do require that you are located in the United States. We have customers spanning from coast to coast, and it is vital that you are available to support them during business hours.


$60.00 - $70.00 / year

Working Environment

Team Mentality • Sweed operates like an all star team. We have a proactive approach to work, we trust our teammates to take ownership of their tasks, and we demand high performance from ourselves & our team.

Ownership • Every team member at Sweed is given agency over their responsibilities. We trust each other to get the job done in whatever way we see fit.

Opportunity • Cannabis is one of the fastest growing markets in the US, with nearly $20 billion in sales for 2020 and a growth rate of almost 50% each year. Cannabis legalization is an incredibly unique opportunity. It is the largest legalized market we have ever seen, and is predicted to produce over $70 billion in sales by 2028. If this is a green rush, we’re building the pick-axes.

About Sweed POS

Role Requirements


What you will do: Support • Work with customers & engineers to diagnose and solve technical issues • Answer questions about the product & functionality • Communicate product updates & changes with customers • Understand, document, and communicate requests from customers • Maintain a record of support requests & technical issues • Create and maintain knowledge base tools that help customers to navigate the system Onboarding • Provide training for new customers • Configure customer accounts to meet their needs

Testing • Test new features before they are released • Verify that finished features will satisfy requirements provided by customers

Physical Requirements

CSM’s must possess the ability to work independently and to be self-motivated. You must be comfortable with learning and using digital tools and working on a computer for 8 hours a day.


Who we are looking for:

Retail / Operations Experience • Cannabis retail presents a lot of unique challenges, from compliance to consumer education. We're looking for someone who has extensive experience operating in and ideally managing multiple retail locations. You should be familiar with each role in the retail team, from budtending to inventory management, and how organizations typically use POS & Inventory software to achieve their goals.

Empathetic Communication • Our customers work in a fast paced, strictly regulated environment. You should be comfortable assisting people in high stress, time sensitive situations and be able to provide empathetic communication.

Organization • We want our customers to feel heard and supported. It’s important to keep an organized record of issues & requests that customers have, and ensure that each item is addressed and clearly communicated.

Nice to haves:

Writing Experience • Previous writing experience is not required, but written communication with customers will be a core part of your responsibilities. Communication should be professional and make it clear that you have excellent knowledge of each product.

Basic Software Skills • We don’t expect you to be an engineer, but even the most basic software experience will help you debug technical issues.