Cultivation Technologies , Inc.

Packager - Palm Desert, CA

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Mar 25, 2021
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Company & Role Overview


Looking for a Packager to assist in getting daily orders packaged and help identify any issues prior to order delivery.


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Working Environment

Open warehouse with good ventilation and primarily standing while packaging.

About Cultivation Technologies , Inc.

Coachella Manufacturing provides state-licensed, high-quality BHO concentrates for White Label manufacturing, toll processing, and packaging to hand-selected brands and cultivators in California.

Our extraction facility is fire department approved, featuring spark-proof and blast-proof C1D1 extraction areas and equipment meeting all state and local regulatory requirements. In sponsoring state bill AB2679 in 2016, our parent company, Cultivation Technologies, was instrumental in state legislation for volatile solvent extraction, and our facility reflects the stringent safety requirements for legal solvent extraction. We feature sub-zero freezer storage for all biomass, preserving the integrity of cannabis to create the highest quality shatter, wax, crumble, sauce, diamonds, and terpenes.

Role Requirements


Weigh out cannabis products on certified scales -Fill various packaging forms with cannabis products and seal/tamper proof packaging -Apply labels on round and flat packaging surfaces accurately, precisely, and quickly -Keep work area clean and safe -Follow all company safety and standard operating procedures -Alert management with any problems you see with product, labels or packaging -Other duties as assigned -Great attention to detail and organized -Good communicator and team player -Open to receiving and giving feedback -Punctual and reliable -Ability to multi-task across projects and deadlines in a fast paced environment -Self-motivated with a positive can-do attitude and willingness to learn

Physical Requirements

Able to lift 50lbs at a time.


Warehouse experience preferred and an understanding of the cannabis space is a plus.


High School equivalent preferred.