Space Flyt

Cannabis Dispensary Manager - Los Angeles, CA

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Jun 23, 2021
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The Cannabis Dispensary Manager role is a fast-paced, high-performance position responsible for overseeing the operations and facility of a Cannabis Dispensary and its staff. You will be entrusted to lead a world-class team of associates in creating a superior customer experience that would generate loyalty and repeat patronage. Previous experience as a Cannabis Dispensary Manager and in handling Cannabis Product Deliveries is a must.


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About Space Flyt

Space Flyt is a fast-growing Cannabis Processing, Manufacturing and Distribution Company presently based in Los Angeles, California.

Role Requirements


• Work with Corporate Management on the general operational requirements of the dispensary. • Supervise dispensary staff and the safe, secure and courteous operation of the dispensary, while setting and maintaining appropriate inventory levels and stock quantities. • Supervise & monitor shipping/delivery of orders from dispensary to off-site customers. • Assist in overseeing the annual budget of the dispensary as directed by Corporate Management. • Advise customers on product features and benefits. • Ensure adherence to established Corporate & Regulatory policies and procedures. • Identify potential security risks and take appropriate actions to safeguard facility and operational integrity. • Supervise the exchange and storage of money and monitors financial records of the dispensary. • Train and mentor staff in the successful completion of their assigned tasks and in problem-solving. • Develop and maintain a clear, concise and accurate hourly employee work schedule and ensure that all employee paperwork is current and correct. • Work closely with HR to ensure the fair and orderly treatment of dispensary staff. • Maintain and store records and forms in an organized filing system.

Physical Requirements

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• Three years of experience as a Cannabis Dispensary Manager.

• Two years of experience in Cannabis Product Shipping and Delivery.

• Good general knowledge of use of medicinal marijuana and related products. Clear understanding of the Cannabis space and industry trends.

• Exceptional customer service skills.

• Excellent communication skills.

• Good team leadership and retail management skills.


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