High Mountain Health

Cultivation Manager - Flagstaff, AZ

Job Posted
Dec 17, 2020
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Time Commitment
Required Licenses
AZ:Facility Agent Card, Dispensary Agent Card
Company & Role Overview


Seeking an experienced cannabis grower to oversee the daily growing operations of an indoor cultivation facility in Flagstaff, AZ.


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Working Environment

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About High Mountain Health

High Mountain Health is a not-for-profit dispensary and supports many local charities. The mission of High Mountain Health is to operate a legal and socially responsible dispensary by providing alternative products and services to patients as guided by the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act – Proposition 203.

We understand the importance of compassionate care for each individual’s medical condition and employ experienced cannabis experts in a laid back yet professional setting. We offer numerous strains of our own locally-grown, lab-tested cannabis and the very best of what other state-licensed dispensaries have to offer as well as boasting one of the largest selections of edibles in the state.

We are committed to providing our community with a reputable and exemplary source for medicinal cannabis, helping to dissolve the unfounded social stigma surrounding this effective medicinal plant. We are dedicated to ensuring legal, affordable, safe and confidential access to the highest quality medicinal-grade cannabis products available and related wellness services to card-holding patients in Arizona.

Role Requirements


• Oversee the cultivation procedures and nutrient protocols, keeping accurate records and presenting the results in a timely manner to the appropriate managers.

• Working with operations manager to maintain the cultivation protocols, and develop and improve processes.

• Ensure work areas are clean and maintained in accordance with the company’s standard operating procedures, and motivate the cultivation staff to meet performance targets.

• Ensure proper training and development of employees

• Ensure the highest quality yields without loss to fungus, disease and mold, etc.

• Follow strict standards in accordance with the AZ state laws related to the grow operations.

• Expert knowledge of growing techniques, plant diseases, and plant genetics.

• Responsible for training and scheduling staff through all cultivation processes including seeds, cloning, flowering, vegetative growth, transplanting, and harvest.

• Develop and/or maintain grow protocols and nutrient regiments.

• Schedule plant maintenance.

• Maintain plant schedule tracking for each yield.

• Comprehensive knowledge of strains including Sativa, Indica and Hybrids and understand the medicinal implementation and effects of strains

Physical Requirements

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• 3+ years as head grower or equivalent.

• Strong leadership skills.

• Expertise with indoor grow operations.

• Up to date and advanced knowledge of cannabis growing techniques.


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