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Dec 16, 2021
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DIZPOT is a leading branding and packaging company facing the Cannabis and Hemp Industries. Our team works collaboratively across all departments with intentional focus and deliberate attention to detail. Our philosophy at DIPZOT that approaching each workday through our core values leads to successful completion of daily tasks and overall projects. As a company focused on Cannabis and Hemp brands with an environment designed to evoke creativity, we sometimes find that newcomers can mistake our laidback atmosphere with a place which lacks in hard working people. Our team is dedicated, loyal, and takes ‘getting to the finish line’ seriously. DIZPOT core values include internal and external goals to achieve elevated performance and purposeful inclusion. • Old School Service: Find fun in every challenge. Take every opportunity to show you care through providing excellent service. • No Hesitation: Take the time to support your team when it's necessary. • The Golden Rule: Treat your colleagues at DIZPOT the way you want to be treated.


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Working Environment

One of the coolest atmospheres you can imagine at a workplace- We work very hard but we relax pretty hard also. Recently voted as the 2022 Best National Valley-Based Company to work for, in the AZFoothills.com Best of Our Valley readers poll.


DIZPOT is your one-stop-shop for custom packaging and branding in the marijuana industry. We carry a large stock of items and can also meet your custom needs by finding and delivering exactly the packaging you’re looking for. One of our specialities is creating a brand identity to span your entire line of products, which allows your products to be recognized regardless of the packaging they are in. Explore our custom-branded packaging options, and see what Old School Service can do to make your brand really come to life!

Role Requirements


Responsibilities • Collaborate with the team to ensure consistency of designs across various media outlets • Create compelling and effective logos, designs, print and digital media • Maintain awareness of current industry and technology standards, social media, competitive landscape and market trends

Physical Requirements

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The ideal candidate will have strong creative skills and a portfolio of work which demonstrates their passion for illustrative design and typography. This candidate will have experiences in working with numerous different design platforms such as digital and print forms.

New team members at DIZPOT can expect to be engaged in training for the first 90-days of their employment while performing normal job duties. Every team member is expected to be working towards promotion upwardly or into new departments as their skills and interests change and increase.


Qualifications • Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design or related field • 2-4 years of experience in graphic design • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite • Strong communication, conceptual thinking, typography skills and design skills • Portfolio of work