Toogood Agriculture Consulting, LLC

Cultivation Manager - Metro Detroit, MI

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Jun 23, 2020
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Company & Role Overview


The Cultivation Manager will work closely with the company’s owners to create policies and procedures for the cultivation department and oversee daily operations for the cultivation facility and leading teams from propagation to curing.


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About Toogood Agriculture Consulting, LLC

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Role Requirements


Ensure proper training and development of employees

Manage the day to day and big picture operations of a medium to large scale indoor grow with primary supervisory responsibilities overseeing all aspects of cultivation through finished product

Schedule preventative maintenance to ensure the highest quality yields without loss to fungus, disease and mold etc.

Must oversee the cultivation procedures and nutrient protocols keeping accurate records and presenting the results in a timely manner to the appropriate executives

Follow company cultivation methods, and work closely with the rest of the cultivation department to develop and improve processes and supervise all post-harvest activities

Physical Requirements

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3+ years commercial agriculture experience in a medium to large scale operation

Knowledge of plant diseases, pests/pathogens, and health

Strong communication and leadership skills

Experience with cannabis track and trace technology and systems

Experience with various grow mediums and irrigation methods for indoor growing systems

Must be a strong leader with an acute business sense

Knowledge of crop management and commercial agriculture

Experienced team leader with a positive attitude and vision for the future

In depth knowledge of State Cannabis Laws and Regulations


Certified pesticide applicator license or experience preferred

Bachelor's Degree in a science related field (Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Bio)