Lone Star Bioscience

Head of Manufacturing - Austin, TX

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Sep 12, 2022
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Lone Star Bioscience is building a next-generation company to provide natural and innovative products to improve the health and wellness of Texans. The company intends to participate in the regulated cannabis market. The Head of Manufacturing will be Lone Star Bioscience’s first manufacturing leader and will report to the Chief Operating Officer.


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About Lone Star Bioscience

Lone Star Bioscience is building a next-generation company to provide natural and innovative products to improve the health and wellness of Texans. The company intends to participate in the regulated cannabis market.

Role Requirements


• Lead all manufacturing operations for Texas facility, including production planning, extraction, distillation, analytics, formulation, kitchen management, packaging, and quality assurance

• Work with Lone Star Bioscience’s founding team to complete all necessary documents to participate in the state’s regulated cannabis market

• Identify and implement best-in-class manufacturing policies, practices, and procedures, including effective management of extraction, distillation, analytics, formulation, kitchen operations, and packaging

• Develop and execute repeatable manufacturing methodologies for Lone Star Bioscience to create and produce a wide range of innovative, high-quality, best-in-class products, such as edibles, tinctures, topicals, and beverages

• Maintain records of manufacturing techniques, relevant variables, and resulting productivity to identify improvement opportunities and trends

• Maintain an updated production plan showing the weeks on hand of inventory and analyzing safety stock levels for all SKUs, packaging, and supplies

• Participate in facility design and construction to ensure best practices in all manufacturing production metrics

• Lead the design and equipment selection for current and future manufacturing facilities

• Hire, train, develop, and lead manufacturing staff in accordance with company policies, practices, and procedures

• Conduct regular meetings with manufacturing employees to develop and assess goals, objectives, and performance

• Proactively identify and implement developmental opportunities for manufacturing staff

• Define and implement preventative maintenance policies and procedures and ensure manufacturing equipment operates per manufacturer's recommendations

• Determine, implement, and manage suppliers and inventory for manufacturing operations

• Work with other departments to research and develop new and innovative products for patients in Texas

• Develop and maintain insightful metrics for monitoring operational efficiency and manufacturing productivity

• Work with other department heads on monthly and annual planning and budgeting (including forecasting, demand planning) for all manufacturing operations

• Work with other departments, including finance (including manufacturing ERP metrics and drive process to inform them), accounting, marketing, sales, legal and HR to provide information and input on manufacturing goals

• Partner with Compliance on products and services, policies and procedures, industry news, and changes in state regulations impacting compliance with Texas statutes and regulations, manufacturing operations, OSHA requirements, and other relevant employee safety regulations and standards

• Lead and implement manufacturing portions of seed-to-sale tracking software system per Texas regulations and company’s best practices

Physical Requirements

• Ability to exert up to 25‐50 pounds occasionally, 20 pounds of force frequently and 10 pounds of force constantly in order to lift, move, and position manufacturing supplies, equipment, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods

• Ability to wear PPE for extended periods of time

• Ability to sit, stand, and perform repetitive activities with your hands for long periods of time

• Ability to balance, reach and grasp while climbing on a step stool and/or ladder

• Ability to crouch, grasp, and lift items above shoulders


• 5+ years of experience directly managing all aspects of manufacturing operations within a licensed commercial facility

• Experience with a variety of extraction and distillation technologies and processes, including hydrocarbon and CO2

• Demonstrated leadership skills with a broad knowledge of management practices and good business analysis/project management skills

• Proven ability to manage numerous projects and resources simultaneously in a highly dynamic environment

• Analytical and strategic mindset, with the ability to make data-driven decisions

• Proven ability to select appropriate talent and create a productive environment that promotes initiative, innovation, continual learning, and development of key personnel for future advancement

• Outstanding interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence

• Comprehensive understanding of computer systems for manufacturing oversight

• 21+ years of age, authorized to work in the US, and ability to pass a background check for Texas

• Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or similar field

• Comfortable with full-time video tracking and monitoring to comply with regulations in Texas


• Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or similar field