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Proud to Work in Cannabis

Listen to Vangst’s signature podcast.

Each week, Vangst Founder and CEO Karson Humiston talks to the founders, executives, thought leaders and change-makers who are building a brand new industry. Get executive-level insights, and find out why they’re Proud to Work in Cannabis.

  1. What's Going on with Cannabis Venture Capital?

    What's Going on With Cannabis VC?

    Two leading cannabis venture capital investors sit down with Karson to talk the state of cannabis deals, macroeconomics and the future of the industry.

  2. Will California Pay Transparency Law Impact Cannabis?

    How California's Pay Transparency Laws Will Impact the Cannabis Industry

    The California pay transparency law is on the way. Here is what you should expect to see, both in and out of the cannabis industry.

  3. Inside an MSO's HR Strategy with Destiny Thompson

    Inside an MSO's HR Strategy with Verano CPO Destiny Thompson

    Destiny Thompson of Verano tells us how she made the transition from traditional consulting to cannabis.

  4. How Cannabis Companies are Preparing for Recession Hiring

    How Cannabis Companies are Preparing for Recession Hiring

    It's not easy to land the right cannabis employees during a downturn, but these insights should help.