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Finding Your Place in the Cannabis Industry: How to Choose the Right Cannabis Company for You

Finding Your Place in the Cannabis Industry

Vangst, 2023-03-27

Looking to jumpstart your career in the cannabis industry? Vangst has got you covered with these tips on how to find the perfect company for your skills and goals. Research mission and values, check reputation, consider size and stage of growth, look for opportunities for professional development, and network with industry professionals. Let Vangst guide you towards a fulfilling career in cannabis.

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Vangst has been an integral part of Holistic’s rapid growth in the cannabis industry. In just four years, Vangst helped us move from 100, to now, more than 800 employees. Throughout that time, Vangst has always maintained clear and consistent communication channels. From assisting us with direct hires and temporary GIG placements to helping boost our job postings on their site for better visibility, Vangst displays a willingness to go above and beyond for their clients.Holistic IndustriesLogo for Holistic Industries

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