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  1. Live Now: The Vangst 2023 Cannabis Jobs Report

    Live Now: The Vangst 2023 Cannabis Jobs Report

    Live Now: The Vangst 2023 Cannabis Jobs Report Familiar with the Leafly Cannabis Jobs Report? The torch has been passed to Vangst. Don’t miss this year’s cannabis industry trends. Download today.

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  2. Live Now: The Vangst 2022 Cannabis Salary Guide

    Live Now: The Vangst 2022 Cannabis Salary Guide

    We are so excited to announce the launch of our 2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide, which includes insights for over 60 roles in 10 industry verticals.

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How to Work in Cannabis and Get a Cannabis Job

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Politics, budgets, and public support vary widely depending on where you live. We've curated a list of how to get licensed and badged to help clarify what you need to know to get hired for a job near you.

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  1. Cannabis Career Accelerators: Navigating Med Badge vs. Facility Agent Card

    Dispensary Essentials: Med Badge vs. Facility Agent Card Explained

    Explore how Med Badges & Facility Agent Cards shape cannabis careers. Unlock insights into their roles, differences, and the pathway to compliance for rewarding opportunities. Ready to boost your cannabis career? Dive in for clarity!

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  2. Cannabis Career Mastery: Navigate Jobs with Expert Recruiters | Vangst

    Navigating the Marijuana Jobs Market: How Cannabis Recruiters Can Help

    Explore the dynamic world of cannabis job opportunities. Overcome regulatory hurdles, stand out in a competitive market, and find your perfect role with Vangst's expert guidance. Unlock your potential today!

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  3. Cannabis Dispensary Jobs Near Me: Explore Lucrative Alternatives to Bartending

    Bartending Jobs Near Me: What to Do When There's None

    Discover the untapped potential in the burgeoning cannabis industry! Unearth rewarding career paths beyond bartending. Dive into budtending at a cannabis dispensary for stability, growth, and satisfaction. Broaden your horizons today!

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