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Staffing in the cannabis industry is a complicated and time-consuming process; we're here to make your candidate filling process a breeze. Vangst pioneered cannabis staffing solutions, and we remain the leaders across the country. We are the only staffing agency solely dedicated to the cannabis industry and have provided hundreds of companies with the talent they need. We offer direct hire, contract to hire and temporary staffing, based on our client's specific needs.

Vangst Talent Cannabis Staffing Temp Staffing Program

Direct Hire Placements

Designed for clients with long-term, permanent positions. Our team of recruiters will gain an understanding of you and the position you're looking for. From there, we source candidates, screen candidates, reference and background check candidates. We coordinate our top candidates to interview with you. This means out of the dozens of candidates we find for your role, you only interview the best of the best.

Vangst Talent Cannabis Staffing Temp Staffing Program

Temporary Employees

Designed for clients with project work, seasonal peaks, unpredictable workloads, and other limited-term needs. Our team of temporary labor will arrive ready to work hard. Through all assignments, the candidate is employed by Vangst. All state and federal taxes, workers compensation and payroll taxes are handled by us.

Direct Hire Cannabis Staffing

1. Sourcing

We talk with your team to create the image of the perfect candidate, (skill, culture, drive, etc) and then search through our internal database of 30k candidates. We also post the job on over 250 different job boards + industry niche sites.

2. Screening

We conduct two interviews (face to face and phone), check professional references and past employers, and conduct a background check.

3. Submission

We submit their resume, a write up on why we think they are a good fit for the role, our interaction we have had with them the whole time and their previous compensation.

4. Guarantee

100-day replacement guarantee and always check in on days 30, 60, 90 for performance evaluations. (Longest in the industry)

"Vangst has been instrumental in doubling our team size over the past six months by sourcing candidates for finance, sales, engineering, marketing and customer success. I’m excited to see Vangst continue to expand their offering through Vangsters and provide much needed services to our rapidly growing industry. The same amount of vetting that we have historically needed to do on our own is now being handled by a very capable team that is aware of the high standards we employ in our hiring process."

Roger Obando, CTO - Baker, 2017

Temporary Cannabis Employees

Working with wet or dry product, the team at Vangst are expertly trained in the art of Trimming. As one of Colorado’s few fully compliant trimming services, our goal is to help make harvest time a seamless process. In addition to helping with trimming, our team is happy to assist with anything associated with your cultivation and retail store front, including but not limited to cleaning, field labor, general gardening, budtending, etc.

Our priority is to provide you with the most qualified team member for the job. All of our candidates go through a thorough screening process, and must pass a national and state specific third party background check. With an emphasis on confidentiality and professionalism, Vangst leads the industry when it comes to Temporary employees. Currently only available for Colorado & California.

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We know you're growing and we're here to ensure you find and keep the talent you need. Our team is an extenuation of your organization, ready to use our cannabis expertise and network to exceed your expectations and provide you with immediate solutions.

Our team gains insight into your organization, so we can identify the talent required to achieve your business objectives. We pride ourselves in working with our clients every step of the way, to ensure effective and longterm hires.

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