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We're building the fastest growing industry in the world.

At Vangst, we know people are what make the cannabis industry thrive and so we built a team of creative and compassionate individuals who believe in thoughtful growth.

Every Vangster believes in the future of cannabis and we know it’s our responsibility to help companies and job-seekers in the industry find one another and cultivate the strongest relationships possible.

Why Work at Vangst?

Perks & Fun

Flexible Vacation Time

Flexible and generous vacation policy with 10 company holidays. We trust you to take time off to recharge when you need it.


Get fit and stay active using our onsite gym. Our Denver HQ office has lunch-time workout classes, a sauna, and locker room towels.

Casual Dress Environment

Focus your energy on work, not what you wear. Even our CEO wears jeans and participates in Hawaiian Fridays!

Employee Referral Awards

Who doesn’t want to work with their friends every day? We understand that referrals often make the best employees and reward our team for connecting us with top talent.


It’s true - dog days are more fun! We love our animals and have a daily sign-up for our small furry friends to roam the office.

Competitive Benefits

Choose the best plan for you and your family! We offer medical, dental, vision, HSA & 401(k) plans for eligible employees. Fun fact - we've got coldbrew and kombucha on-tap!


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  • There is something special about leaving the office at the end of the day knowing you have made life better for the candidates we work with by linking them to great opportunities within the industry and for our clients as well by connecting with the right person at the right time. I truly get excited about helping people and recruiting within the cannabis industry is a dream career for me as it combines my passion for fighting the war on drugs and helping people at the same time!

    Kelsey Barton headshot

    Kelsey Barton

    Lead Talent Manager

    Meet The Recruiter
  • The new and unique challenges that Vangst has to overcome on the daily is what keeps me showing up. I'm having to learn and push myself in ways that I would never have sought out on my own which I find incredibly refreshing and invigorating.

    Paul Gottshall headshot

    Paul Gottshall

    Sr. People Ops Generalist

  • We're on the cutting edge of what will be the biggest industrial boom of our generation and Vangst is leading that! How can you not be excited when coming to work when you're LITERALLY helping shape the next 10-50 years of the American economy!?

    Spencer Peters headshot

    Spencer Peters

    Lead Talent Manager

  • Collectively, we embody diversity and unity more than any organization I have come across - Vangst is composed of very different professional and personal backgrounds, interests, and personalities, a common respect and admiration for our differences, as well as an infectious drive for a common goal of seeing Vangsters run the cannabis industry! I am so excited to come into the office every day because I know I'm walking into a home with an endless opportunity to grow in my career and an incredibly supportive team to collaborate and succeed alongside.

    Kynzie Reetz headshot

    Kynzie Reetz

    Talent Advocate

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Our offices are in the heart of the cannabis industry's leading markets. With great eats, local hotspots, and social happenings right around the corner — there's something for everyone within walking distance of our locations.

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