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Vangst has been an integral part of Holistic’s rapid growth in the cannabis industry. In just four years, Vangst helped us move from 100, to now, more than 800 employees. Throughout that time, Vangst has always maintained clear and consistent communication channels. From assisting us with direct hires and temporary GIG placements to helping boost our job postings on their site for better visibility, Vangst displays a willingness to go above and beyond for their clients.Holistic IndustriesLogo for Holistic Industries

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“We’re not disrupting; we’re defining” Feat. Cy Scott

“We’re not disrupting; we’re defining” Feat. Cy Scott

Vangst, 2023-01-25

Founder & CEO of Vangst, Karson Humiston, sits down with Founder & CEO of Headset, Cy Scott, to discuss the past, present, and future of cannabis. They also address the elephant in the room: layoffs. With a lack of federal momentum in banking for the cannabis industry, leaders are forced to make tough economic decisions for their businesses. Cy and Karson give deep insights into leading their organizations through these industry headwinds.

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Common Questions

Making your move into the cannabis industry can be intimidating. It’s a new market with intense regulations that change from state to state (and sometimes day to day). But don’t let that stop you from starting a cannabis career. You’ve already made the right first move by connecting with us. Here are some frequently asked questions.

I am interested in the cannabis industry. How do I learn more?

You’ve definitely come to the right place! You’re learning just by getting this far on our website. But if you really want to dig in, check out our Vangst Learn section where we regularly publish articles and special reports on everything from hiring trends to hot jobs and industry diversity.

How do I get a job in the cannabis industry?

Vangst is the perfect starting point! Our talent page will take you step-by-step through the process to make sure you’re ready to launch your career. From your Vangst Dashboard, you can follow companies you love or just browse open positions. And our Vangst Learn section is packed full of information about the types of jobs available and how to land one.

How can I write a resume for the cannabis industry?

The good news is that many of your skills are likely directly transferable to working in cannabis. The better news is that we have a guide for you right here that will teach you how to build your resume to be catered to the industry.

Where can I find information about cannabis licensing and regulations?

The best source for information about cannabis licensing and regulations is Vangst Learn. Our State Requirements Map has all of the information and resources you need to start on your cannabis journey. And our Vangst Learn section will keep you up to date on all the latest hiring and industry trends.

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